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In 2004, when we started our heli-skiing activity in Turkey, we had unreliable weather forecasts. We had no avalanche bulletin nor local information to support our day-to-day analysis of risk management.

We then decided to create an appropriate tool to structure our analysis, facilitate communication between the guides during the briefings and to safeguard the information.


We wanted to develop a tool compatible with existing programs and methods compatible with Canada, the leading Country in Snow & Avalanche Management. Our imperative was to establish a system usable everywhere and at all times. So that our system did not require external information beforehand to construct its analysis.


For the development of this program we called George Robbi. Originally from St. Moritz, George spent more than 20 years in New Zealand, where he acquired his skills and knowledge in the snow and avalanche industry. For many years he worked as a Heliski-guide in New Zealand and Canada, as well as several years as an Avalanche Technician for the Milford Road Avalanche Program in New Zealand. As a result, he is familiar with international standards and terminology in the Snow & Avalanche Industry and also with the scientific aspect of Avalanche Forecasting.